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Capacitance Deck Scanning

Maintaining a flat or low-sloped insulated roof can be a challenge. WTC can perform capacitance testing on roofs to identify trapped moisture, which could be eating away at the roof deck.

In these non-destructive tests, the WTC technician runs an electric current into the roof. Wet material, either insulation or within the roof system itself, results in higher readings than dry material, pinpointing problem areas. Only these specific locations need to be removed instead of tearing off the entire roof, saving huge amount of time and money, and minimizing disruption.

Capacitance scans have some distinct advantages. Unlike other moisture tests, they can be conducted during the day, minimizing potential safety concerns. Most environmental conditions do not affect them, and they can even be done during the winter. These scans are good for certain types of roofs such as PVC, that are resistant to thermographic scans.

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