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Roof Cleaning


Any of your clients with white “cool roofs” deal with the challenges of keeping them clean-- wasted water, chemicals introduced into the environment from waste water, large crews.

Until now, with the innovative RoofTec roof cleaning system.

Available through WTC, the RoofTec system's extremely powerful, non-abrasive, rotating water jets remove dirt, mold and mildew from the roof surface without the negative effects of power washing. Water conservation is extraordinary; it uses less than half the water of competitive systems and captures waste water almost instantly. The small amount of cleaning solution used is environmentally safe. A two-person crew and quiet, efficient operation makes it perfect for facilities in residential neighborhoods, like schools.

Your clients benefit even further by:

  • Maximizing energy savings by restoring their reflectivity
  • Extending roof lifecycles by returning them to peak performance
  • Making roof maintenance easier
  • Potentially starting a restoration project the same day that you clean the roof, shortening the project’s timeframe
The RoofTec system is a leading-edge solution that dramatically changes how quickly and easily your clients’ roofs can be cleaned, with an unmatched degree of environmentally friendliness.

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