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Job Site Inspection

The most important thing in a roofing project besides safety is ensuring that it’s done correctly. A WTC job site inspector can be onsite when a roofing system is being restored or installed to support the contractor so that accurate specifications, standards and proper application techniques are followed to deliver a finished product that benefits your clients, everyone using the building and you.

Together with the contractor, the WTC job site inspector works to alleviate problems and ensure that defects are corrected promptly. The inspector also helps address concerns requiring a prompt response, so they don’t get lost.

At the end of each day, the WTC job site inspector checks that the project is watertight, that housekeeping was performed and that materials are covered properly. He or she also provides a written status report.

When the project is over, the WTC job site inspector recommends any corrective action necessary and re-inspects the roof system once these actions have been completed.

Job site inspection from WTC is a great way to know that your clients will have roofing and weatherproofing peace of mind from the very start of a project.

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