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Unique facility services
to extend the life of your valuable roofing asset


Roofs are assets, plain and simple, that may be worth hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of dollars.

So it’s wise to know what condition they are in, fix problems early to keep water out of your building, and maintain them regularly. The longer you can extend roofs’ lifespans while retaining their performance, the better it is for your budget and your ability to plan and schedule work.

WTC can help, with truly unique services that can determine exactly what if any issues your roofs have, diagnose and repair areas where water leaks in or energy leaks out, keep people safe on rooftops and clean roofs to restore their reflectivity without wasting water. WTC can even provide long-term maintenance to keep your roofs in great shape for years despite our often-harsh climate.

Replacing roofs may be inevitable, but understanding the condition of your roofs components, repairing problems and having a consistent maintenance schedule can go a long way toward keeping inevitable from becoming premature. You don't have to do this alone; you can rely on WTC for the help you need.

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