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Roof Repairs

Patch and Repair

As roofs age, minor problems such as tears and splits in the membrane, and cracks and deterioration of the walls may occur. Left unrepaired, they can become major problems and lead to large capital expense.

WTC’s dedicated, professional crews can assist with these maintenance issues. Among the roofing and building envelope services that our crews can provide are:

  • Emergency and non-emergency leak repairs (you can report leaks 24 hours a day, seven days a week on our dedicated, toll-free hotline)
  • Repairing and installing flashings (flashing problems are the #1 source of roof leaks)
  • Installing drains and curbs
  • Cleaning and maintaining roofs (regular inspection, cleaning and maintenance is critical to roof performance)
  • Sealing joints

Click HERE to view a full sample Patch and Repair Proposal

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