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Roof Mainteance

TremCare Roof Maintenance Program

Small roofing problems can become large, expensive issues. But TremCare, our comprehensive roof maintenance program that helps prevent premature deterioration and keeps roofs in top working order, can help keep that from happening.

WTC’s trained roofing technicians perform regularly scheduled inspections, housekeeping and maintenance, ensuring that problems are uncovered and corrected early to prevent costly emergency repairs. Keeping roofs in good shape can help lower their total costs by significantly extending their service life.

Available for any kind of roofing system, TremCare programs are carefully prepared and customized to suit both buildings and budgets. There are different levels of TremCare to fit different needs:

  • Asset management: If you want to manage your own roof upkeep, WTC will inspect the roof and give you the information
  • Gold: After a thorough inspection, WTC will provide a plan that includes regularly scheduled housekeeping, preventive maintenance and 24-hour emergency leak response
  • Platinum: Building on TremCare Gold, after the roof is made watertight, WTC will bear the costs of repairing any leaks
Long term roof performance and lower costs – just what buildings need!

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